Welcome to the west coast of Sweden and us at Södra Näs Camping! An environmental friendly camping with great location adjacent to beaches, only 4 km south of Varberg with good bicycle paths and connections to the city center. Our 4 star facility is one of the latest built in Sweden, everything is fresh and new. Here you'll find everything you need for a great vacation: fully equipped cottages, large camping lots for caravans and RVs, green areas for tents, restaurant with full serving right, relaxing recreation and different activities for the whole family with lots to do.

Season of 2014!

Snow on the ground and plenty of cold! But somewhere it still feels like it's time for spring to arrive!
Our office is staffed and we are busy planning for spring and summer.

We still have season tickets left!

You can reach us on info@sodranascamping.se
or by phone +46 340-67 13 88

Warm greetings from us at Södra Näs!

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Kommande händelser

Vi har telefontid på vardagar 9-15. Övrig tid endast akuta ärenden.

Vissa av våra stugor finns öppna under vintern. Vill ni boka en stuga ber vi er göra detta under telefontiderna.


På Södra Näs Camping har vi haft igloosar under sommaren som man kunnat slänga pantburkar och pantflaskor i.

Vi samlade ihop hela 4700:-(6800 förpackningar) till djurens rätt.
Detta har skett i samarbete med Pantamera

Då var det dax! På tisdag den 21/10 stänger vi av vattnet ute på campingen!